CCTV and Environmental Surveys

Regular blockages, smells, vermin ingress, building over agreements and property sales are some of the reasons people have CCTV surveys. Whether you are looking for a quick "look and see" or a full-scale CCTV survey with DVD video footage, report and drawings, Ogdens Drainage Services can provide the complete package from start to finish.

Blockages and smells can leave you wondering if there is an issue with a piece of drainage. A CCTV survey will identify areas of possible damage where water and waste could be sitting and building up in the line. Scale, grease or root build up or obstructions in the line can also be a factor. The lines can be filmed and recorded onto DVD where a full report will accompany the footage. Further works can then be recommended and carried out as necessary.

Building over agreements are required when you are planning to build over or close to an asset owned by the local water authority. Any drain running through your property must be surveyed and plotted on a drawing prior to commencement of building works to assess its condition. In some cases, the drain may need to be renewed as part of your building process. Once works are completed the drain is resurveyed to ensure that it has not been damaged.

Potential property owners may instruct a CCTV survey to check if there are any underlying issues with the drainage system on a property they are intending to purchase.

Environmental surveys are carried out to ensure that all sanitary ware such as toilets and sinks (etc.) are discharging into the correct system and, where possible, storm water is discharging into a soakaway or storm water system. All foul waste water should discharge into the foul drainage system and should not at any time discharge into the storm water system. This is of paramount importance if a water course is running through or nearby a property. Identifying these "misconnections" early can save time, money and potential environmental issues in the future. Ogdens Drainage Services can provide a full drawing to accompany an environmental survey and can also provide the aftercare if misconnections are identified.

Please see our designated vermin investigation page if you are suffering with a pest issue.

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