Drain Clearance

Most of the time, drainage, whether storm or foul water, goes relatively unnoticed until a blockage or partial blockage starts to occur. Common signs are water pooling around an area of the property where a gully could be; a slow running kitchen sink, bath or shower; a high water level in your toilet; bubbling and gurgling noises; or a foul smell that has started to occur. It could also be a neighbouring property beneath you noticing a leak!

Whether the problem is internal or external, Ogdens Drainage Services have the equipment to unblock and clear blockages wherever they occur. Spare parts are always on hand if waste pipes are taken apart or toilets must be removed to gain access.

Mechanical devices are generally used to clear internal blockages in small waste pipes in the kitchen or bathroom. In some cases, a micro version of our high pressure water jetting equipment can be used to cleanse waste pipes. Hand equipment is called in for blockages confined to the toilet pan and our onboard high pressure water jetting equipment is used for blockages in gullies and manhole chambers.

Rest assured that any sewage or greasy debris spilled out by blockages will be washed down and debris will be taken away from site where possible if flow has been restored to a drain. If a collapse or damage has occurred and a blockage cannot be cleared our tankered waste services will be the next step followed by a repair.

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