High Pressure Water Jetting

Root ingress, grease and scale build up are all contributing factors towards blockages and long term pipe damage. Using industry leading high pressure rotary jetting nozzles and CCTV equipment to pinpoint ingress or deposits, root cutting and descaling / degreasing can take place with maximum efficiency.

Sections of drainage affected by scaling of the pipe due to the pipe material (i.e cast iron), the sitting of water in a line due to a defect or a constant ingress of water (i.e ground water) are identified and specialist high pressure jetting nozzles are used to cleanse the lines. In cases where washout material has entered a drainage system, the material can set beyond the point of removal with high pressure water as damage can occur to a pipe with incorrect use of pressure.

Grease build up can be a sign of misuse in a drain, a wrongly made connection (see Environmental Surveys) or in many cases a general and somewhat unavoidable deposit.

CCTV equipment is also used to identify, usually joints in the drainage, areas where fibrous or tap roots are growing into a drain. The rotary jetting nozzle can then be pinpointed within millimetres of the root and water jetting can commence.

Root cutting can be successful in many cases, creating a lower cost solution if pipe damage or joint displacement is minimal and is not impeding the flow of the drain.

In some cases root cutting will not be a viable option if the root ingress has overwhelmed the pipe causing too much structural damage thus making the root cutting operation too risky. An excavation and repair or pipe lining will be the next step in the process of rehabilitating the drain.

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