Water Course Maintenance

Water course maintenance of ditches, streams, brooks, rivers and protective debris screens are a vital part of keeping storm water flowing, whether under normal or storm conditions.

Ogdens Drainage Services undertake regular cutting and strimming of banks alongside water courses to remove overgrown brambles, nettles and trees that are impeding flow of the water course. Removal of rubbish and foreign debris is also undertaken to restore the natural look of the water course and remove any possible contaminants.

Some water courses require removal of silts and mud that accumulates over time; this is done either by hand or with an excavator and can aid in reshaping or reforming parts of the banks that have subsided and changed shape. Protective debris screens are generally used to cover an area of a water course that goes from "open ditch" to "piped" status to stop large objects and debris entering the system preventing blockages further on in the water course.

Service contracts for cutting back of undergrowth, silt and mud removal or simply clearing the protective screens covering piped sections of water courses can be put in place and are regular operations carried out by Ogdens Drainage Services. Preliminary site visits at no cost are also offered here to assess and discuss your site requirements whether private or commercial.

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