Service Contracts

Service contracts are offered to both domestic and commercial customers. A timescale is agreed with the customer depending on varying circumstances of a property.

Ogdens Drainage Services offer regular cleansing from simply clearing leaves and debris out of rain water gullies and testing flow to complete site cleans, jetting lines and removing all debris, etc. In most cases CCTV equipment is used to ensure lines are clean and free of debris and can also be used to note any changes in condition of the system.

Service contracts are flexible options and are tailored to suit your requirements. Times between cleanses can be shortened or lengthened depending on the conditions that have arisen, i.e. a site that has a semi-annual cleanse may be placed onto a 9 or 12 month contract if it is deemed that very little debris has entered the system (therefore not warranting a full service clean).

We offer preliminary site visits to assess your requirements at no extra cost, lifting manhole chambers and making notes on site specifics.

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